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Bobby Brown is Free Man!?

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Bobby BrownAs we reported yesterday, Bobby Brown turned himself in to serve a 55 day jail sentence based on receiving a second DUI within a year’s time. Well, 9 hours later he was a free man.The singer went into the Los Angeles County Jail at 9:58 AM on Wednesday and by later that evening, “The King of R&B” was walking right out the front door. Although this news is a bit shocking, it actually speaks to the severe overcrowding of jails in Los Angeles, which is one of the reasons Bobby was let go so early. Some will say, being a celebrity has it’s privileges. What do you think?

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10 Signs of a Fake “Music Promoter”

Quite often, we get requests here at Radio Facts to work records or people want us to provide references for music promoters. While there are some great promoters out there, one of the many detriments of the music business continues to be the “fake promoter.”Whether promoting directly to radio or being hired as an independent by a music company, the fraudulent promoter continues to mar the industry with lies, lack of credibility, poor judgment and weak follow through.

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