Radio Facts: How much do you care about who the old lady up the street is shacking up with UNLESS you're interested in her? It is possible that black men who despise gay men are secretly gay themselves?   KElev8 Reports that Bishop Eddie Long may have just wrought the end to his Atlanta mega-congregation, the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. A source within New Birth says that the consequences of the Long sex scandal have amounted to a veritable “three strikes” against him.Strike One “” Church elders are abandoning Long– The resignation yesterday of Reverend Bernice King “” Martin Luther King, Jr.'s youngest daughter “” all but guarantees that other elders will leave. At the very least, some folks among the 25,000-member mega church are now planning their escape to a new church home as King, whom they refer to as their “ministerial beacon.” steps away.Strike Two: Revenue for the church is down. New Birth Missionary Baptist Church collected nearly $20 million last year with more than a million dedicated specifically for Bishop Long, according to the source within the church. That million dollar-plus bounty, collected in appreciation for Bishop Long, is called a “love offering.” When Bishop Eddie Long spoke at his New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in the past, his 10,000- (read the whole story here)

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