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Blog Addiction: There is such a thing….

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This past week I posted a story about a man who had a heart attack while engaged in doing his blog. At first, I thought his was kind of humourous then I realized doing this blog is indeed VERY intense. Mostly because you want to get early scoops, you constantly check your stats and try to improve them and you are constanlty updating and upgrading your blog to make it look interesting. Not to mention the research that goes into increasing your stats, looking for appropriate widgets and making sure your ads are working and being clicked on. It’s a LOT of work but I think it’s the intensity that can drive you crazy.

Perez Hilton told the press this week that doing a blog will make you gain weight, as he has and I agree. While Perez is getting 8 million hits a day and making a whopping $50,000 a day he is still a one man operation and he says he never focuses on doing it for eyeballs (readers) or making money (guess when you have 8 million readers and you make $50,000 a day you don’t have to).

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