10 Underrated Singers Who Should have Been Bigger Stars…

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Underrated Black Singers Who Should've Been Bigger Stars

This list is never-ending especially for those of us who work in the industry. We've seen the best of them come and go. The reasons they were not bigger can be many things but for the most part, most of them came along and there was bad timing, like other big stars on their label who got more attention (even with less talent), or the label didn't give them promotional backing.

We would have to ask them what they thought the reason was. In my experiences, most have said they didn't feel the label was really behind them. See who are the first 10 stars? Do you agree? if not or if so feel free to make a comment anyway… Up first, Click Next above or below

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  1. i was JUST talking about Mica and seeing her at Jack The Rapper and how unfortunate it was, that her showcase was nearly empty. She debuted “you Put A Move On My Heart” which she sang first, but was made famous by the just as talented Tamia. And i saw her on tour with Simply Red. Red’s lead singer and the black guy in the band were standing behind the sound guy, watching her set. You hardly ever see the headliner until it time for them to perform. A testament to Mica’s talent


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