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I feel for Gary, having to disclose all of his personal business like this, I believe he's in dire need. Please forget about your problems for a minute and make a contribution.
Save a Life (An Open Letter)
Dear Family and Friends:Lately, people have been asking me how I’m doing since last June’s kidney transplant. We’ll here’s the Real Deal…not too good. I need your help, badly!Prior to my transplant, I teamed up with Georgia Transplant Foundation, to collect donations and contributions, to help pay my co-payments on my medicine. These funds also cover the cost of the yearly deduction that must be met and the Medicare Gap Coverage that affects my plan each year. Last year I made it thru the year pretty good with CC insurance and Medicare insurance. This year I only have Medicare, and already the month of January has been rough. I have depleted last year’s donations at Georgia Transplant and I have until April to replenish these funds. Every donation made, is doubled by Georgia Transplant. I have been unable to buy my medication, in a timely manner, because of deductibles and cost. I would like to see 2011, but it may not happen with out your help! Please make a donation, of any size, at; you in advance!Gary Young

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