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Most Popular 10 Black Radio Stations Nationwide

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Most Popular Radio Stations Nationwide

Urban radio is not what it used to be. There was a time when black people greatly depended on black radio to deliver the news, information and the knowledge to the community. Now many complain they are hearing the same 30 songs over and over again and there are no longer any community programs. These stations, nevertheless, still seem to be able to ride the wave of popularity and success. Allow me to say the stations listed are not all necessarily the highest rated (but some are) but these are the stations Radio Facts .com gets the most email, song request, prayer request, job request and everything else nationwide. Most of it’s good.

  • WVEE – V103 Atlanta
  • WGCI – Chicago
  • WBLS – New York City
  • KKDA – Dallas
  • WUSL – Power 99 Philly
  • KJLH – Los Angeles
  • HOT – 107.9 ATLANTA
  • V103 – Chicago
  • WPEG – Charlotte
  • Power 105 – New York

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