Black NPR Writer Called “Bisquit-Eating Sellout” for Criticizing Dave Chappelle


A Black NPR writer named Eric Deggans wrote a review of Dave Chappelle’s monologue from this past week’s Saturday Night Live and Chappelle fans responded by placing him on the Bar-b-Que grill and grilling him on the socials leaving him charged and crispy sans seasoning. Deggans’ feelings were obviously hurt by the attacks but they kept coming.

Eric Deggans – Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

Deggans said he was disappointed in Chappelle’s performance and as a result was called everything from a “Biscuit-eating sellout” to an Uncle Tom and Sambo who was allowing his paymasters to dictate his writing. They even suggested that he picked the “ugliest white woman” as a wife and had to keep her happy by taking opposing sides to Black thought in his writings.

I’ve gotten several calls from industry people that have been asking me to chime in on the situation and the truth is, I didn’t see Saturday Night Live, when you get older all the rules your parents (well where I grew up) “mother” had for you as a child become easy to follow, like going to bed at 9 PM automatically. However, I’m going to take the time to watch it today.

To that end, EVERYBODY in today’s society is standing up for something and staunchly defending something. The universal “problem” seems to be when they expect other people to rally with them. The interesting thing, for me, would be to hear what the people who chose to remain silent or the ones in the middle often think. See the article here.

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