"Black-Ish" Featured One of the Most Powerful Moments on TV and You May Have Missed It


I must admit I”m a fan of ABC’s popular show “Black-Ish” starring Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross alongside those amazing kids. I also must admit that I don’t generally watch the show during it’s normally scheduled broadcast. I’m more of a DVR TV watcher. Through my time checking out the show, there are many episodes that struck a chord with me but more on the funny side.  The “being loyal to your barber” episode was so true for me and  the “N-Word” episode hit home as well but “Black-Ish” just took it to another level.
I’m glad I did DVR the show because last Wednesday’s episode of “Black-Ish” was an absolute jewel centered on the hot topic  of police brutality. The entire show was great but Anthony Anderson’s monologue on hope was bone-chilling because it was so honest, real, and the exact same thing I was thinking. For you to understand what I mean, just watch the clip. I hate to group Black people in one collective pool as if we all have  the same thoughts but I would be willing to bet Anthony Anderson hit on something that the majority of us can relate to. Watch the clip for yourself.

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