Black Female Buffalo Police Officer Fired for Protecting a Black Suspect Being Choked By a White Officer


This story is so unfortunate. Former police officer Cariol Horne stopped a white Buffalo police officer from choking a black suspect and after he attacked her and punched her in the jaw, she was fired and denied her pension after 19 years on the job.

While this happened a few years ago, in light of the current situation in Buffalo with the old man being pushed down and cracking his skull, this story has resurfaced. Not sure what the end result was for her getting her pension but should she have ever even been fired?

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  1. This is why Good Cops don’t Say Anything! Speaking out and Acting against Bad Cops will get them Fired or DEAD! Smdh

  2. She should have pulled her weapon in response and shot him. I would’ve. He would be laying on the ground with 30 bullet holes.

    • Thank God you weren’t there because saying you would shoot him 30 times would mean you reloaded and shot somebody already dead and you have mental problem

  3. This is clearly the problem..punk police officers who are on the force out of control having a history of being a loose canon yet their chief is doing nothing about it & continues to send them back on the street like predictors to harm the public & any decent officers that step in to help the public from this predictors vicious attacks…FIRE THE CHIEF TO!!


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