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OH NO: Big Pun’s Wife and Kids Living in a Shelter!


Radio Facts:  width=She says that people got mad at her for exposing the abuse. I guess she was supposed to keep that quiet?

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  1. Who said “BIG PUN” had any money? When you sign with a major label,all you get is a lot of hype and you take it up the a** with no vaseline! There are THOUSANDS of artists who have made BILLIONS for the labels and are working at Burger King. If Michael Jackson hadn’t had the foresight to buy ATV, he would have been just like Marvin Gaye,living at home with his parents after a #1 cd! Michael sold 150 MILLION copies of Thriller,and it’s been reported he barely made $24 million a year during the 80’s. How do you make your label almost a BILLION dollars (at $8.00 wholesale) and have to borrow money and sell NEVERLAND to survive? If Michael needed money,you know all the other artist are even worse off. I hope Big Pun did something good with his upfront bonus because thats all 99.9% of major label artists ever see.


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