Best Binge-Watch Movies for Inspiration and/or Future Entrepreneurs

Radio Facts:

Want to be inspired? Take some time to watch these movies and give your business ambitions a boost. In each of these movies, there is a common thread of inspirational and powerful messages.

  • Surround Yourself with the Right People
  • Build a Legacy in instead of a business
  • Hire People Who Know What You Don’t
  • Dare to Dream
  • Ask Questions: you DON’T KNOW What the Response Will be
  • Vision is the Key to the Door of Opportunity
  • If You Don’t Gamble You Can’t Win
  • It’s Never Too Late to Be Who You Were Meant to Be
  • The Blind Can’t See
  • Know What’s Next
  • Ignore Obstacles and Eventually, Others Will Too
  • You Can’t See the Top of the Mountain from the Gutter
  • The person/people that you are following may be following you or someone else
  • YOU are the leader
  • Believe in YOU
  • You Are Your Potential
  • If You Keep Failing You’re Not Winning
  • Take a road trip, Escape to Rejuvenate

The Matrix (original) 1999

Your Greatest Enemy and Friend … is YOU

I have probably seen The Matrix (original version) 20 times over the last 19 years. There are SO many incredible messages in this movie not just for the black entrepreneur but about life. I told another friend who also loves the movie as much as I do, and is a black entrepreneur that this is damn near a cult movie for black entrepreneurs. At least those who get it. Everything about this movie was stellar to the ones that followed especially the cast.

The movie is about an extremely bored tech employee who is living beneath his potential. He circumvents his boredom by hacking computer systems and selling the information illegally and he goes to a job he hates each day. His life is forever changed when his computer alerts him to an opportunity to do what he has been dreaming about forever, to meet Morpheus. He deems Morpheus as his saving grace but Morpheus teaches him that he is his OWN saving grace.

The original Oracle, played by Gloria Foster was in the first two movies but the legendary actress died from complications of Diabetes before the third movie could be completed and she was replaced. What black black entrepreneur could not relate to her character in the first movie? We’ve seen this woman growing up hundreds of times. The best exchange between her and Neo? In the kitchen in the projects: “Don’t worry about the vase.” Neo, “What vase?” He turns and knocks it over, “That one” He apologizes profusely for breaking it and she says “I said don’t worry about it” then she says “What’s really going to bake your noodle is would you have broken it if I hadn’t said anything?

One of the other favorite scenes is when Neo is in the car and Trinity is trying to remove the bug from his navel but Switch offers a negative response and tells him “It’s our way or the highway.” Neo is about to walk away from an opportunity when Trinity interrupts and says “You’ve been down that road before, you know where it ends and I know that’s not where you want to be” Neo looks at the road and decides he wants something more out of life and stays. If you have not seen the movie see it but in the end, Neo discovers the person he was looking for to change his life … was him.