Aye Man, Can you Hook a Brotha Up? (Poll on using your industry contacts for other people)

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Well, it’s Grammy time in LA and there are a LOT of events. I have been invited to a few but people don’t know what to invite me to because they can’t figure out if I am in Atlanta, Arizona, LA or New York and I like that so I rarely say. People seem to want to hang out and have lunch and pick my brain for a business idea they have, they want to partner up, ask me about the state of the industry or try to get into my world which is NOT going to happen (laugh). So I enjoy the distance. Of course I think it’s most important to support clients and I do. Yesterday, I got 6 calls from people asking me to use my hard-earned contacts to hook them up with tickets to Grammy events. If a client is spending money with me there is no need to pressure them into hooking me up with EVERYTHING else too. Radio Facts is a kevRoss creation, I own it and I put the work in at 4am DAILY. Am I obligated to allow someone else to reap the benefits of my hard earned business when even I don’t? Perhaps I don’t know something, please enlighten me (laugh). Is is selfish of me to say, I don’t ask you so don’t ask me? Usually, I just lie and I tell them I can’t do anything or let me work on it (laugh). So just know, I’m telling you the truth when I lie because I lie so I don’t have to tell you the truth (laugh) so save yourself the trouble.. don’t ask me (laugh). How do you feel when people ask you for hook ups? Am I being too harsh or do you agree?



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