Whether behind the scenes or stealing the scene, Hassahn Liggins (HP) has had success in the entertainment industry as an accomplished Hip-Hop artist, songwriter, journalist, co-author of "The Soulful Parent", and the Co-Founder/Host of the Cypher Lounge Radio program. HP is also Producer/Writer of the critically acclaimed documentary film and web series, DEMOS. Hassahn is also the man behind the pen of the music collaborative, Senior Class where he and producer, Emilio Bucks lace creative soundscapes for television and film. HP makes up one third of the extraordinary B.N.V music camp, who also has garnered success in the world of film and television placement. The native Chicagoan aspires to be a "Certified World Changer!" Hassahn believes in changing the world for the better and he breathes those sentiments through his motto, "Don't wait on miracle, Be the miracle". Alongside his college friend, Kristen Perteet, Hassahn created the life-changing nonprofit organization, "Be The Miracle," where he and his DePaul University colleague aim to end the senseless violence in Chicago and beyond. Now partnering with Mora Spicer, Hassahn wants to open the world's eyes to a familiar yet untold story of the crack cocaine epidemic, its link to corporate America, and the black experience through the critically acclaimed book, Soles For Sale.

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New Podcast “Say Their Name” to Honor Unarmed Victims

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