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Audio of J Anthony Brown’s Return to the Tom Joyner Show

This past week a LOT happened on the Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS) . RadioFacts got the exclusive audio of J Anthony Brown quitting the show during an off-air break. The segment left Sybil and Tom surprised and stunned. It was rumored that Brown was not happy with his new contract that allegedly cut his salary in half. Who could blame ANYONE for leaving a job at that point. We reached out to J Anthony and didn’t hear back and then we reached out to Reach Media to find out what happened and they provided us with a transcript of the situation and informed us that they didn’t know what was going on but Brown was still under contract and they were in the process of arranging a meeting with him. Tom came on the next day and stated J would be back on Monday. Nothing else was said. It appears all went well with the meeting and J returned to the show. Here is the audio of his first break after returning yesterday.

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  1. The dog returns to his vomit !
    J brings nothing to the show…Perhaps now he will stop disrespecting his mother, sister and other black women by talking about his desire for white women..he has to go after white women because black women won’t put up with is sugary.

  2. Rich sounds like a hater…its entertainment if ur not entertained because of his jokes on his personal life turn to another show , where u approve of the comedian relationship preference

  3. J. Anthony Brown is an outstanding comedian and overall entertainer. A big void that will be hard to fill should he depart the show. I hope that everything seriously gets worked out. What’s being said to the media< I'm sure is not all of the truth.

  4. So glad J. Anthony Brown is back, although I can’t get the show anymore . The AM radio station is FULL of static and therefore, no reception. Russ Parr on the FM station is HORRIBLE!!! Not for seasoned listeners. STRICTLY for the 35 and under crowd!!



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