How do Atlantans Rate Urban Radio in Atlanta?


startpage-masthead-slideWe’re not sure if Atlanta Black radio is the BEST in the nation but we know it certainly has the MOST Black radio options. Not only does the Atlanta market have the most Black radio stations in the country, it also has the most syndicated Black shows like: Tom Joyner , Steve Harvey, Rickey Smiley, The Breakfast Club Radio Show, Yolanda Adams etc, the market also has the most black DJs and one of the largest black target audiences. With that being said, do listeners think the radio stations in the market are also the most progressive?Stations like: WVEE, Hot 107.9, Streetz 94.5, WALR, WPZE, WAOK, Boom 102.9 and more dominate the radio landscape in the area but we want to ask the listeners do they think the stations are playing the most and best music, are the stations Radio DJs reflective of the Atlanta community and do they have the most news or not enough. Which of the stations are showing their presence in the community and on the streets? What are some of the other options black listeners use in the market besides radio? We want to know which stations the listeners can’t get enough of, what their favorite shows are and which stations they think could do better.Over the last few years the market has seen a few changes take place in radio. Michael Baisden’s show was cancelled and V103 staple Frank Ski left the market (but is rumored to be returning). Still the Black stations in the market continue to have great appeal and dominate in the market and an unlikely candidate Streetz 94.5 a low power FM has capitalized on the market’s (at times) overly researched and super tight playlists by breaking the mold and playing more of the songs that the other Black stations can’t (or don’t) play with a very limited signal. It would appear that the entire Black radio landscape is covered in the Atlanta market. Do you agree? Who are your favorite DJs in the market and what do you think their could be more or less of when it comes to Black radio in Atlanta? Feel free to Comment.


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