Atlanta DJ Arrested for Alleged Murder


UPDATE:  Atlanta strip club DJ has been sentenced to life in prison after hiring a hitman to kill his wife. 

Fulton County District Attorney’s Office release stated Andre Jason Pugh, 38, has been sentenced to life on October of 2018 without parole for allegedly hiring 37-year-old Adriane Harley to go into his home on Nov. 23, 2014, and shoot 30-year-old Tiffany Jackson Pugh.

East Point police arrested an Atlanta DJ this past weekend who is facing murder charges for allegedly conspiring to have his wife killed. Tiffany Pugh was found murdered on Nov 23. Charges also include conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree burglary. Andre Jason Pugh a.k.a “DJ Awesome” was booked into the Fulton County Jail Saturday to face the charges. East Point Police Department Lt. Cliff Chandler states Pugh and another person were arrested for allegedly hiring someone to kill Pugh’s wife. source AJC – Originally posted December 7, 2014

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