As the Demand for R&B Songwriters Diminish in the US Many Head Overseas

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Red Velvet
Image from Red Velvet video with over 88 million YouTube views since mid Jan
Over the last couple of years, many people in radio have talked about the R&B Genre diminishing and listeners have often complained that the last great R&B groups were in the 90s and don’t exist today. Of course, they are talking about boy bands like Jodeci, Guy, Jagged Edge, Boyz II Men, Troop, Next and several others. R&B writers are still around but everybody has to eat. The 90s is getting a revamp today as everything from Vinyl to TV shows make a comeback. Will this happen with R&B groups? No word yet but if the demand is there it will happen.In the states, the lifespan of musicians, producers, and writers can often be shortlived but legendary and honored in other countries like Korea. Seasoned R&B writers and producers noticing the declining work and the request to mimic more rap tracks for R&B singers have opted to seek greater opportunities elsewhere, several legends like Teddy Riley and Harvey Mason Jr. have headed over to Korea for KPop where the singers and the audience still crave more traditional R&B. This is no different than black Jazz artists who found huge fanbases, monetary gain and supreme appreciation for their music in Japan when America didn’t have as much interest in the genre after the 60s. See video below of Korean Girl Group Red Velvet… sound familiar?

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