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Six Black Entertainers who Stand the Test of Time

There are some singers and rappers whose contributions to the music industry will live on forever even after they are gone. What's the difference between them and others who may have had more hits but fail to have the staying power that these artists do? First and foremost just about everyone on this list is a master at branding and/or re-branding. Many have reinvented themselves at just the precise time allowing their careers to extending past the given 15 minutes into the next generation of music lovers. See who is on our list and feel free to comment if you think we missed anyone and we will add them if they are a good fit. Hit “Next” above or below to see the next person on the list… ENJOY.  Click next for next singer

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  1. Charlie Wilson’s voice is the backbone of RnB music today. His style remains as relevant today as it was decades ago…I am LOVE me some Charlie Wilson…Shabba Dabba twee twee twee !!

  2. I saw Uncle Charlie in Albany, GA on August 3rd the show was awesome. I really enjoyed it. I loved when you acknowledge God as head of your life and then gave him some praise. Keep up the good work and May God continue to Bless you.

    Your Best Fan

  3. Wow. Maxwell, Dr. Dre and Charlie Wilson but no Earth, Wind & Fire? Really? What about The Isley Brothers 50 plus years in the business and still making top 10 albums. I would put them before Dr. Dre and Maxwell.

  4. This piece doesn’t hold much validity. Any act with a fan base is able to tour without a new recording. There are lots of those (Chaka, Earth, Wind and Fire, etc.) That’s not to say Maxwell or Charlie Wilson wouldn’t LIKE to have a new hit. They’re certainly trying.

    Sade and Prince, on the other hand, truly transcend the hit record and can do whatever they want. Trying to make the connection between Sade’s longevity and Maxwell simply because he used a member of Sade’s production team for his first record a million years ago, is weak. And the only thing that makes Dre relevant is that he’s rich.


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