Arbitron Total Line Reporting of Simulcast Stations to Become a Subscriber-Only Option


ArbitronDuring 2014, Arbitron plans to make Total Line Reporting of simulcast Radio Stations available only to qualified Arbitron-subscribing radio Radio Stations in good standing. Currently, any simulcast Radio Station in a market, regardless of subscriber status, can request Total Line Reporting.Under the updated policy, only licensed subscribing radio Radio Stations in good standing will be eligible to combine audiences for their radio Radio Stations and Internet streams that are 100 percent simulcast on a single reporting line in Arbitron ratings reports and data services.Non-subscribing radio Radio Stations will be reported individually and will no longer be eligible to request Total Line Reporting for 100 percent simulcasts.Subject to change, current plans call for the updated policy to become effective with the Winter 2014 survey in Diary markets and the January 2014 report period in PPM markets. Arbitron intends to review this plan in the fall of 2013 and may confirm or amend the implementation date.The requirement that radio Radio Stations must meet Minimum Reporting Standards to be included in Arbitron ratings reports remains unchanged. Licensed subscribers include Radio Stations that receive Arbitron data through the Radio Research Consortium.


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