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APRA AMCOS Pays 323,311 Songwriters, Composers And Music Publishers This Year

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323,311 songwriters, composers and music publishers paid for the performance of over 822,000 unique musical works. $177.4m paid to Australian and NZ APRA members (up 4.2% on 2012). 12,443 APRA members paid royalties for overseas performances of their works (up 15.4% on 2012). 9.8% increase in licensing revenue. First performing right society to provide Sustainability Reporting under Global Reporting Initiative (GRI standards).

17% increase in live performance claims by Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander members. Announcing APRA AMCOS’ 2012 – 2013 financial results, CEO Brett Cottle said, “Copyright is alive and well and is as indispensably relevant to music writers and music publishers in and as it has ever been.” Citing the royalties that were paid for performances of 822,236 unique musical works in Australia and/or NZ during the past year, Mr Cottle said, “This figure represents an increase of 85% on the equivalent figure of five years ago and starkly illustrates the enormous increase in data capture and processing required of APRA AMCOS in recent years. ”

APRA distributed $177.4 million in royalties (up 4.2% from 2012) to 323,311 songwriters, composers and music publishers. Of this amount, $117.4m was paid to APRA’s own members in Australia and New Zealand (up 3.1% year on year) while $60m was paid to affiliated societies (up 6.6% year on year). A total of 39,016 APRA writer members received a royalty allocation during the year in respect of performances occurring in Australia and/or NZ (an increase of 16% compared with the preceding year) while 12,443 APRA members received a royalty allocation in respect of a performance occurring elsewhere in the world (an increase of 15.4% on the preceding year). Other highlights include APRA’s licensing activity in Australia and NZ that generated $176.7m in revenue, an increase of 9.8%. Key factors were increases in revenue across new media, general public performance, broadcasting (both radio and television) and educational licensing. The transition from physical distribution of music to digital distribution has affected AMCOS more profoundly than APRA, with the result that the AMCOS business is far more volatile than APRA’s.

Nowadays, new media accounts for almost 50% of AMCOS revenue, with licensing revenue from digital downloads totalling $26.7m in 2012/13. Revenue from subscription and ad-funded services more than doubled during the year, however, to $1.2m, and most of the world’s major players in that space – including Spotify, Google, Rdio and Deezer -now operate in Australia and NZ. By comparison, traditional mechanical royalties from the sale of physical product accounted for only $10.5m of AMCOS revenue during 2012/13 – a of some $4m over the year – and a figure that is expected to further in the immediate future.

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