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Anonymous PD Speaks: Worst Corporation?/Alabama/Rotations



I’m not trying to beat a dead horse, but, last week I spoke about dealing with in your market. Has anyone reached out to stations in Alabama to see if they or their audience need any help?   We were all quick to jump on getting the word out for Haiti, Indonesia, and Japan, but I’m willing to bet you haven’t done anything to check on our folks here at home. While the rest of the world may believe we are all rich and have everything, we know better. Many lives were lost in the storms and so were the things we all take for granted. Reach out to the folks in Birmingham or Tuscaloosa, and while you’re at it, check on the folks in Memphis and further down the Mississippi. Waters are rising and I’m sure help will be needed. Help your audience do the right thing.

Best/Worst to work for?

RadioFacts has done surveys on Best , Air Talent, and Women in the business. How about best companies to work for? Would you put your current company on the list? I can remember when folks had nothing but hate for . You don’t hear that so much anymore. seems to have taken the title for worst company to work for these days. Are they the worst? You might as well tell me why the company your work for is the best while we’re at it. People need to know about the companies they are joining these days.
Feedback/Rotation Answer

Thanks for the initial feedback to the first column last week. I received a question about rotations in categories. There was no mention of whether we’re talking or , so let’s deal with both. There was the mention of syndication in the question as well. As a rule, in the UAC format, I suggest three or four power songs, giving you a little over three hour rotation if you place the category in your clocks once per hour. In the category that would include songs coming up or just out of Power, I like a four to five hour separation. at around every 4 hours. The design of your clock would truly dictate how many songs you would need in each category to get the desired rotation. I personally use two clocks per day part, varying the clock in each hour each day to move song positions.
Mainstream Urbans would be different. Seems most programmers are still playing the songs like the radio is the only place to hear the hot songs. The reality is by the time Radio starts playing the latest hit, it’s already been available via the Internet for weeks, giving listeners a chance to listen over and over again probably before you played it once. If you’re going with the status quo, you’ll need 5 power records with two songs from the category played each hour. That gives you a 21/2 hour rotation. Some go to three songs and play them every 90 minutes. New songs play every three hours, so the easy number would be three songs. The bottom line is, once you decide your categories and place them in your hourly clocks, you must then decide how often you need to play the songs to maximize time spent listening. Then, just do the math to make it work. If you have syndication, treat those hours like you programmed them as well. Most syndicated shows offer a song list of the show. Take a look before you do your logs and keep your rotations intact.   Hope that helped!   Until next time……..

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  1. ROTATION: You got it twisted.
    1. IF, you are only playing your POWERS once per hour you aren’t playing them enough.
    2. IF, you only have 4 in the category and you are playing them 2 times per hour they are going to remain in the same positions giving you a predictable sound.
    3. IF, you have 4 in the category and you play them 3 times per hour you are rotating too fast causing burn-out.
    4. The correct number is a 5 song category playing 3 times per hour. This moves the songs around but doesn’t spread them out too thin.


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