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ANONYMOUS PD SPEAKS: Programmers, Labels and Summer Concerts, Chicago Radio Question

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Some of us remember well the days when you could pick up the phone, call your record rep and get the hottest artist for your station functions.   Today’s labels don’t seem to be able or willing to come through for some stations.   I’ve noticed many stations are doing “Summer Jam” type shows in the upcoming months and wondered how many are having to negotiate with the agents of the artists instead of labels?   The  rumor mill  says the recent Radio One event in Miami made very little if any profit for the company, while the promoter walked away with a pocket of cash.

Have companies become so fearful that PD relationships with labels can’t exist?    Cumulus, I’m told, does not allow Programmers to negotiate with labels, it all must go through corporate.   Some of their PD’s have relationships that they are not allowed to use.   Does that make sense?   If your station is doing a “Summer Jam,” how are YOU making it happen?

After congratulating the folks at WVAZ last week, this question came to us.   Which signal in Chicago will make the switch to the UAC format and would they be willing to staff up “LOCALLY”????   WVAZ for years had competition from WNUA, which played  Smooth Jazz  and included a good amount of R&B.   They are both owned by iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel), so no chance they change back.   WILV-FM was until recently owned by  Bonneville, a company that seemed to be afraid of an “Urban” audience.   If they had been willing move toward WVAZ, I’m sure they would have hired local talent, but, that’s the fantasy world and it doesn’t matter since they are now owned by Hubbard.   We’ll keep an eye on them for change.

There are actually two signals that seem to not be as successful as they could and the companies that own them are already in the UAC format in other markets.   WCFS owned by CBS and WKQX owned by Emmis.   Would either one switch from their current format?   They should at least be considering it, but after taking a closer look at both companies formats in all their markets, put the chance of either changing and staffing up locally at slim to none.   Sounds like Derrick and the crew will be on top for years to come, or until somebody proves me wrong.

Will WHUR in D.C. ever select a PD?   The name Maxx Myrick is being mentioned again.   Word has it that whoever gets the job will have a lot of work to do.

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