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Anonymous PD Speaks – Joyner in NY/Back-up Plan for Jocks/Urban AC

 width=We’ve had more movement in the Urban side of our industry in the last week or so than we’ve seen in many months. Jill Strada leaves in N.Y. for Miami, Jay Dixon is out in Atlanta, and Maxx Myrick becomes PD of WHUR in D.C. But something is missing. Shouldn’t there be a few more moves to fill the two positions in N.Y. and Atlanta? Cox has so far said that will pick up PD duties while a decision is made, but behind the scenes, rumor has it that the position will not be filled. The stations music will be done out of market. In the number one Market, the rumors are even worse. No replacement for the Kiss PD job and maybe an eventual format change. You can’t convince me that New York can’t support two Urban ACs. How about putting someone in place that understands the format, the music, and the lifestyle of the “New York” UAC listener? That person would be smart to quickly end the bad experiment that is the TJMS in New York.

 width=It’s evident that someone at kiss knows how bad of a fit ’s show is for the station. Just go the the KISS website and see for yourself (EDITOR’S NOTE: To add insult to injury they describe Bob Slade’s show where Tom’s show is listed here). You can’t find the TJMS listed under shows. If you go to the Airstaff tab, Tom is listed, but you really have to look for him. What website in the country does not feature the morning show? A station that has one that it doesn’t plan on having for long.

I like to look at things in our business in two ways, best business decision and best decision for those in the business. As of late, the best business decision has been winning out when all is said and done. The best decision for the business model these days is to syndicate at least two dayparts (mornings and afternoons) leaving two dayparts (middays and nights) and overnights for music scheduling. Since most station owned by the big companies are from corporate, why spend the money on a ? It’s easy to assign music duties to an assistant PD or PD of another market. Those asked will see it as picking up more duties, but never more money.

For those of us still in the business and to those who are fighting to get in, what will you do next? JoJo Davis was a monster jock at Power 99 in Philly in the late 80’s and early 90’s and was a great PD at in Atanta around the same time. They both made a decision while at the top of their careers, to pursue something else. They both decided to study law, and both are now practicing attorneys. Something tells me they are very happy they had a backup plan.

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brianCarter July 7, 2011 at 2:48 pm

JOJO and I worked together at Power99.He was always and still is ahead of the curve.As far as PD’s go…..there are plenty good ones still out there.

joyce cunningham July 7, 2011 at 6:20 pm

Is tjms back on the air in NYc? if so, congrats TJMS..

Emily Mascarenhas-Bennett July 10, 2011 at 9:03 pm

Musically, 98.7 Kiss is sounding HAM (a hot ass mess). Miss Jill didn’t know what she was doing.


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