Anonymous Black Label Exec who Wrote about Racism at the Labels, Comes Forth


KUDOS to the brave in our industry who speak up and speak out in a way that EXTENDS conversations within the culture but for ALL to hear and see. I used to get really pissed when black people showed their support to white-owned industry trades like Billboard or Music Business Worldwide for issues or advertising pertaining to Black Industry people over Radio Facts because we didn’t get this letter but I get it, this letter has a much greater reach in Billboard than it would in Radio Facts which targets the Black Music industry.

Ironically, we hear massive complaints about racism about many of the white industry organizations that black industry people support but what’s MOST important is watching and seeing the organization who are IGNORING what we are witnessing in the industry right now when it comes to Black music. So KUDOS to Billboard and Music Business Worldwide. Now let’s look at their executive team pages on their sites. Here’s the story that Ray Daniels wrote.

photo credit: Carrington Tucker
Raymond Daniels


  1. I’m glad Mr. Daniels came forth. I found his letter interesting with valid points, misconceptions and demonstrates the need to learn more about black music executive history. It appears he entered the industry during a transitory period. I welcome the opportunity to speak with him and help him understand the power of his blackness based on the music culture & how it’s appropriation by others has stripped him of his rights to control his destiny.

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