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 width=Ladies and Gentlemen”¦we bring to you the 120 Minute Epicenter of Hip-Hop and Rap. This is “¦ANDYOUDON’TSTOP! You give us 2010, we will give you back your Hip-Hop State of Mind.

The show, formatted in segments, attempts to bring to you Hip Hop in a medium similar to 60 Minutes or even ESPN’s Sportscenter. The multi-segmented show is fast paced and full of content found nowhere else in Hip-Hop whether terrestrial or via satellite. Our first broadcast was November 23, 2009 on Pacifica Network’s 99.5 FM in New York City.

In this inaugural newsletter, I will introduce the staff as well as an outline of the shows various segments. In the upcoming newsletters, I will provide updated information regarding guests, special announcements, fund drives, and information for submitting music.

The show is hosted by none other than of the legendary rap group Public Enemy. His in-depth analysis of the Hip-Hop terrain is not only insightful but very necessary as we are fighting an uphill battle for the minds and souls of a Hip Hop audience that is constantly being barraged by a commercial onslaught of mediocrity.
Chuck provides the shows’ Introduction piece and Epilogue as well as the “Songs That Mean Something,” and “This Week In Hip-Hop History” segments.

Strong Island ‘s finest Wildman Steve provides co-host duties and is a legend himself spending years breaking artists on Adelphi University’s WBAU in Strong Island . Wildman Steve is responsible for the “Songs In The Right Direction” segment as well as moderating the ground-breaking “Spit Your Mind” segment.

Marnie “Marn Dawg” Hazelton hosts the “Planet Rock” segment. She is an educator and PhD cand idate who travels the world for great Hip-Hop from across the globe. Marn Dawg brings years of radio experience to the table having worked at WBAU as well as hosting her own “Over Seize Rap Show” on Chuck D’s award winning website www.bringthenoise.com.

Strong Island wonder duo the Wonder Twinz, contribute the “Who Got Next” and “Hey ” segments. The Wonder Twinz have been a pillar of the Hip-Hop radio community having hosted their own shows on Sirius and AOL Radio’s “Mixtape” Hip Hop Channel.

Money B of the legendary West Coast Hip-Hop group Digital Underground is on board hosting the “Going Way Back” segment delivering his “Classic Jam of the Week.”

Rounding out the staff is DJ Johnny Juice who produces, edits, arranges, and engineers the show as well as contributes to the “Spit Your Mind” segment. He also hosts (and sometimes mixes) the “Hey DJ” segment and the “Break It Down Like This” segment.

Andrea Clarke is the executive producer as well as liaison to WBAI. She facilitates the “¦ANDYOUDON’TSTOP! broadcasts and engineers the live shows.

So far the show has been a success but we are hoping to expand and syndicate. Keep and eye out for “¦ANDYOUDON’TSTOP! on Twitter as well as MySpace and Facebook!

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