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And The Masked Singer Is Paul Shaffer!

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And The Masked Singer Is Paul Shaffer!

The other night, on a world stage with millions watching and the tension thick enough to cut with a knife, Paul Shaffer, GRAMMY®-winning musician and host of Envision Networks®’ Paul Shaffer’s Day in Rock, was unmasked as the skeleton on the hit FOX TV show, The Masked Singer.

“It gave me a chance to try songs that I never would’ve thought I could pull off in real life,” said Paul Shaffer on stage after the unveiling. “And then you say, ‘Hey, I’ll give it a shot. Nobody can see me anyway.’”

Watch the unmasking on YouTube courtesy of FOX.

Let Paul Shaffer’s Day in Rock give your station the cool factor

Shaffer’s daily vignettes draw on his vast musical knowledge and infuses his unique brand of wit and sarcasm for the perfect balance of rock history and zingers. Day in Rock is a perfect benchmark feature that can be programmed throughout the day and offers unique sponsorship opportunities for radio stations.


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