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America’s Heroes Honored Each Week With 2 Hour Show


With a star-studded line-up,  and ® join forces to bring the only nationally-syndicated radio show for America’s heroes.

For 2 hours each week, hosts Randy Miller and Jerry Newberry bring The National Defense Radio Show to listeners around the globe. The show focuses exclusively on topics concerning today’s active-duty military, veterans and those who support them.

A few notable guests that have recently joined the show include , , , Dolly Parton, Colin Powell and former President George W. Bush.

“We are so excited to get started with Danno and the great folks at Envision,” said host Randy Miller. “They have become one of the most successful content providers in America, and we know that this will give The National Defense a greater platform to celebrate our nation’s heroes.”

“I’ve known Randy Miller for over 30 years and have always admired his radio work,” said Envision Networks CEO Danno Wolkoff. “Randy’s work on The National Defense is some of his best as each week he and notable guests discuss issues and topics concerning active-duty military and veterans … our real American heroes.”

The nationally-syndicated radio show that reaches America’s heroes

The National Defense is heard on more than 100 radio stations in the United States and overseas on Armed Forces Radio Network. The network reaches one million American service men and women, DOD, civilians and their family overseas. It is stationed at bases in 175 countries and on 140 U.S Navy ships at sea. Now, The National Defense is available in your market.


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