We changed the name of to All Radio News back in March of this year. While Radio Facts always had a very large CHR and Pop radio base, I did the change in the hopes of getting pop and CHR labels to advertise in the blog….. please don’t laugh at me so damn hard, I know… I must have been a damn fool.   DAMMIT, I KNOW! Some of the sh… I dealt with in an effort to get support from CHR and POP literally almost made me quit the blog. In some cases I believe people just didn’t know who we were (after 15 years) in others it was blatant racism but most of it was the pop and Chr label people playing games. I’m too damn old to try to prove myself again after 25 years of working in this hot kitchen. Long story folks, LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG story…. needless to say. I have learned my lesson… Radio Facts is a GREAT brand and people never adapted to calling us “All Radio News” so our core audience is who we will target exclusively from this point on.. URBAN RADIO and ENTERTAINMENT and our name will go back to Radio Facts (Radiofacts.com). Anyone is more than welcome to read the blog however.   The migration is taking place as you read this…. (Kevin walks back to his office with his tail between his legs).

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