Radio Facts: All Pro Broadcasting's X-103.9 Offers $50,000 for WHAAAT?On the surface, this appears to be a great promotion perhaps a great word of mouth campaign but I'm not sure how it translates into listeners. All Pro Broadcasting announced this past Monday that its alternative rock station X-103.9 will actually pay $50,000 for a particular dollar bill. The serial number has been recorded by the station and the bill is   now circulating throughout the San Bernardino area. You know I IMMEDIATELY looked at all the 1 Dollar Bills in my wallet even though I'm in LA (laugh).   X-103.9 Director of Marketing Jim Daniels said the radio station offered $25,000 in a similar promotion last year and very nearly had a winner. How do you “nearly” have a winner? They state a woman came to the station with the bill but 2 weeks too late YIKES…

The bill was put into circulation around the 10th of this month and has to be returned to the station by the close of business on the 19th.   The serial number L17922659L. The person who finds the lucky 1 Dollar Bill should contact the radio station immediately at (909) 890-5904 during regular business hours and (909) 890-1010 after hours.


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