Alicia and Arianne Suggs Debut New 1966 Magazine for Contemporary Black Women Worldwide


1966 MAGAZINE ALICIA AND ARIANNE 1966 Magazine fills a void in the marketplace with wit, personality, and a staunch respect for black women everywhere. Created for the completely modern and highly discerning woman, the magazine plays on black women’s desire to’look and feel fabulous’ by highlighting the brands, designers, products and trailblazers making an impact in the world of fashion today. The first issue of 1966 Magazine is on the iTunes newsstand now.The 1966 Magazine offers contemporary black women access to cutting edge feature articles. The international publication targets busy women who demand a fun, simple way to discover how to be the best in all that they endeavor to do.”1966 Magazine was introduced in response to growing frustrations from black women that a black magazine written, curated and owned by black women didn’t exist,” said Alicia Suggs, 1966 Magazines’ Co-Editor and Fashion Director. “The 1966 Magazine publication ensures that black women have not only a voice, but more options when deciding what magazines to read.”The magazine contains diverse articles on beauty, hair and fashion advice, health and fitness, food and diet tips, relationships, pets, travel and finance. Our features cover glamorous black celebrities and Hollywood red carpet events and interviews with embedded videos and photo galleries in many articles. The publication provides up-to-the-minute reporting from fashion shows around the globe, clothing trends and how-to-videos on applying makeup to exercise techniques.The magazine’s editorial focus will go beyond fashion and take a journalistic look at what is happening in today’s culture. The niche audience allows us to speak to an elite and exclusive group of affluent consumers and top industry players while maintaining focused editorial coverage.”Black women are beautiful. Our skin tones vary from jet black to vanilla and everything in between. So, the magazine will offer the latest information in hair care, skin care and makeup advice for all of our stunning shades,” says Arianne Suggs, 1966 Magazines’ Co-Editor and Creative Director. “Our articles and features will provide a combination of entertainment, travel, personal finance and beauty.”

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