AJC Readers Make Racist Remarks on Arbitron’s Fall Ratings: Urban’s on Top

I guess this still is the south and with it comes the same KKK mentality that once ruled the city as some of the embers from the flame are still lit. In the comments section of the Atlanta Journal and Constitution’s Access Atlanta page about the fall Arbitron Ratings, Urban Stations like WVEE and 102.5’s Steve Harvey lead and that seems to piss some people off… one reader called WVEE’s sister station WAOK a “Coonfest” and another talks about “Ghetto Trash Supporting their kind.” As WVEE remains in the top spot for the Frank and Wanda show. Another reader warns for Urbans to enjoy their time at the top cause PPM (Portable People Meter) is about to change that. I would seriously think that the AJC would keep a closer eye on a situation like this but perhaps not….. read more here

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