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ABC and iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel) Media Join Forces

ihearttalk and iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel) Media and Entertainment, today announced a multi-faceted partnership that combines the power of TV and radio to deliver innovative and compelling content to iHeartRadio listeners. The partnership will bring top ABC News and entertainment programming to iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel)‘s newly launched iHeartRadio Talk feature, which includes ABC News, “Nightline,” “20/20,” “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” and exclusive content from “Good Morning America,” plus highlights from “ Live” and “.” iHeartRadio has a finger on the pulse of the most talented music acts in the country and will help select talent for “Good Morning America‘s” 2014 Summer Concert Series. In addition, ABC will regularly showcase top iHeartRadio DJs on “Good Morning America.”

The agreement delivers on ABC‘s dedication to expanding its network and channel brands across multiple platforms while connecting viewers with some of their favorite ABC shows via iHeartRadio, iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel)‘s industry-leading digital radio platform. Through the new iHeartRadio Talk feature, launching today in beta, each show will have a dedicated show page featuring the best highlights on-demand. In addition, “Good Morning America” will produce exclusive extras.

Under this multi-year deal iHeartRadio will become ABC‘s premier digital radio partner for “Good Morning America,” “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and “The View” and will be instrumental in identifying the hottest up-and-coming and established artists for “Good Morning America‘s” 2014 Summer Concert Series — as well as providing the iHeartRadio DJ on “Good Morning America” beginning this fall.

“We’re excited to partner with ABC and to offer them the ability to expand their powerful brands and content across new platforms, taking advantage of the incredible reach of our radio and digital assets to generate massive awareness for their consumers,” said , Chairman and CEO of iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel) Media and Entertainment. “This partnership also emphasizes the value that ABC and iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel) place on innovative new relationships that further engage consumers by giving them the content they crave — and the mobility and convenience that they want.”

“We are proud to kick off our partnership with iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel) by joining iHeartRadio, and we look forward to delivering unique ABC content to iHeartRadio listeners, anytime, anywhere,” said Ben Sherwood, President of ABC News.

“Our collaboration with iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel) will expand ABC‘s unmatched content to loyal viewers in the digital audio space while attracting iHeartRadio’s dedicated listeners to ABC‘s top programs, including ‘Good Morning America,’ ” said , Vice President and General Manager of ABC . “This new partnership opens up incredible possibilities for cross promotion across radio and television as we work with iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel) to develop the 2014 ‘Good Morning America‘ Summer Concert Series lineup and this fall’s iHeartRadio DJ on ‘Good Morning America.’ “

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1 comment

Jim July 31, 2013 at 8:14 am

This is not good. This is more monopolizing of messages by iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel) (Rush Limbaugh, Karl Rove, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, Koch Bros. and News Corp.) via ABC Radio – which is already the AM Hate Talk Radio in New York with most of the above, including Michael Sewage (Savage) and Mark Ly-een (Levine). This is dangerous propaganda to the uneducated Americans whom don’t know any better or are unable t comprehend what the GOP media has been attempting to do since Murdoch and News Corp. became the official Joseph Goebbels for the Republicans.

This “monopoly” of the air waves is not good business and not good for the nation – as they are the party of hate and fear mongering – and like Goebbels use it to effect their messages (Kill Dr. Tiller, Gabby Giffords shooting in Arizona for example).

The FCC should not be allowing this type of growth that is anti-democracy and carries the negative impact of FOX across the nation in hate, fear and smear campaigning.


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