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A CLEAR SHOT! Father-Son Duo Mario Van Peebles and Son, Mandela, Team Up for Indie Film

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LOS ANGELES – Looks like Mandela Van Peebles (“Jigsaw,” “We the Party,” “Roots,”) has joined the family business. He’s following in the famous footsteps of his father Mario Van Peebles (“New Jack City” and “Posse”) and his grandfather Melvin Van Peebles (Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song”), both highly-regarded independent filmmakers, who often switch hats as actors and directors in their feature films.

This time, the father-son duo of Mario and Mandela Van Peebles star in the new indie “A Clear Shot,” directed by Nick Leisure of Leisure Films. The film will make its Los Angeles premiere with red-carpet arrivals, beginning at 6 p.m. on Saturday, October 5, 2019 at the TCL Chinese Theatres, located on the famed Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6925 Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood at Hollywood and Highland.

Along with the Van Peebles, “A Clear Shot,” boasts a diverse ensemble cast of familiar faces, including Glenn Plummer (“Saw II,” “Showgirls” and “Menace II Society”), Marshal Hilton (“Primal Rage: the Legend of Konga,” “Astro” and “I Am Alone”), David Fernandez Jr. (“End of Watch”) and Jessica Meza (“East Los High” and “Entangled With You”) – just to name a few. As an Asian American filmmaker, Leisure certainly understands the importance of diversity among his cast and crew.

“There has never been a time when independent feature films have been so impactful on the international audience. ‘A Clear Shot’ was a great opportunity for me to showcase not only accredited actors, but a multi-cultural cast that was hungry to produce a story inspired by a true historical event,” said Leisure.

Interestingly, “A Clear Shot” is inspired by the 1991 Good Guys! Hostage Crisis in Sacramento, Calif., which is the largest hostage crisis in the United States history. In the case of ‘truth is stranger than fiction,’ a normal day of shopping at a Good Guys! electronics store turned into a day of a botched robbery; a hostage situation of 41 people; three hostages dead during the siege; as well as a demand for $4 million dollars and a helicopter. In a dramatic shootout, after more than eight hours of negotiation, three of the four hostage takers – Vietnamese immigrants and possibly members of an Asian gang — were killed and the rest of the hostages were rescued.

Fast forward almost 30 years later, and “A Clear Shot,” depicts topics that’s currently making headline news, such as gun control, mass shootings, trauma and of course, immigration. In this climate of calls for stiffer gun control in light of mass shootings nationwide, “A Clear Shot” is a reminder that this is a societal sore has been festering in the fabric of America for many years.

The Los Angeles premiere of “A Clear Shot” is the third leg of a four-city tour, with premieres held this summer in San Jose and Sacramento. After its LA showing, the film will head to Rosarito, Mexico.

“A Clear Shot” | 90 minutes | Movie Synopsis

“A Clear Shot” weaves together the story of four desperate men who will do anything to make their dreams come true, and the brave men and women who fight to save the lives of innocent people. A Leisure Guys! electronics store erupts into chaos as four young, Vietnamese gunmen storm the premises, locked and loaded. Enter Rick Gomez, the hostage negotiator of the Sacramento Police Department. Gomez is no stranger to tense situations that demand a cool head. He realizes rather quickly that his job is not simply to talk the gunmen down and keep the hostages safe, but also to juggle the politics of an arrogant sheriff and trigger-happy SWAT commander.

As the hostage situation progresses inside the store, the leader of the pack, Loi, understands that he has his own chess pieces to move. He doesn't want to hurt anyone; but, his loose-cannon brother, Long, is a different story. He's itching for blood, and unless Loi can get their demands met, which includes a large sum of money and transport back to their native land of Vietnam, then the events with the hostages could spiral out of control.

Inspired by the true story of the 1991 Good Guys! Hostage Crisis in Sacramento, Calif., the film takes the audience through the thrilling ride of suspense, unforeseen action and the power of heroism.

To view the trailer of “A Clear Shot,” visit https://youtu.be/duFn5n8F7D0

“A Clear Shot’ is another collaborative production partnership between Leisure Films and Fox Baja Studios, home of such huge motion pictures as “Titanic,” “Pearl Harbor” as well as the television super franchise, “Fear of the Walking Dead.”

In partnership with Leisure Films, the Pan African Film Festival (FAFF) is the official host of the LA premiere of “A Clear Shot.” Celebrating 27 years, PAFF is the largest and most prestigious Black film festival in America, held every February during Black History Month in Los Angeles. For more information about PAFF, visit www.PAFF.org.

Leisure Films also thanks the African American Film Critics (AAFCA) for their support of this event, and their commitment to diversity and spotlighting films by people of color. AAFCA is the world’s largest group of black film critics, comprised of leading film critics from across the country. For more information about AAFCA, visit www.AAFCA.com 

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