96.3 K-TWIN Morning Show Producer Wanted!

 width=96.3 K-TWIN / Minneapolis-St. Paul is looking for an highly experienced morning show producer. Qualified candidate must have a minimum of one year experience producing radio and/or TV segments in a top 20 market or 3 years experience in a top 50 market. This is NOT an entry level job. TV & Radio News background is preferred. Music radio experience will also be considered. Creative writing and thinking is a big part of this gig. Must be highly organized and a wizard at managing time and talent.A working knowledge of all sports (high school, college and pro) is essential. You don’t need to be an expert but it’ll help. You also need to be proficient in website CMS.Must have expert level skills in recording and editing audio in Pro Tools / Adobe Audition / Vox Pro. Video editing is a plus. Composing music & writing lyrics also a plus.Please submit writing examples, recorded audio examples, produced video, youtube links, etc and anything else you think might blow our doors off! [email protected]

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