High School Student Facing 10 Years in Prison for Beating Disabled Teacher in TikTok Challenge

A 64-year-old Louisiana teacher was attacked for the “Slap a teacher” Viral TikTok challenge and suffered injuries

The challenge has already gone too far as a Louisiana high-school teacher was attacked while teaching a class. A 64-year-old English teacher was knocked to the ground and continuously hit by an 18-year-old Louisiana high school student.

The student Larrianna Jackson, 18, attends Covington High School in Louisiana. She is facing felony charges for the tap. Attack.

The 64-year-old teacher also happens to be disabled has trouble walking and has other physical challenges she was released from an area hospital with injuries to her head and arm.

Phones were seized by investigators of the other students who were actually recording the attack. And it turns out one of the videos was posted on Instagram as well as Snapchat for the teacher challenge. source

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