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50 Cent’s Complicated LIfe

50 Cent

First off, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is a HUGE star. The burning of his home has garnered headlines in newspapers worldwide. His son’s mother seems to be willing to talk about 50 to anyone who will listen and the first thing she is telling the newspapers is that 50 has yet to check on his son after the blaze destroyed his home and the son and his mother were in it. Shaniqua Tompkins also is accusing 50 of being the mastermind behind the fire (I don’t think he’s THAT stupid). The rap star has been trying to evict her from the house. Tompkins, who 50 never married, in turn, countersued in Manhattan Supreme Court claiming she’s entitled to half of 50’s fortune. Ironically, the blaze ignited just days after Tompkins’ boyfriend and two of his friends got into a fight with 50’s bodyguard at the Manhattan office of
Tompkins’ lawyer.


Police busted a member of 50 Cent‘s entourage early last Tuesday for allegedly roughing up a woman at the rap star’s mansion in Farmington, Conn. According to police, Dwayne McKenzie, 27, beat an unidentified 22-year-old female with a belt following a nasty spat. Officers responding to the call noticed visible injuries on the victim. Fiddy’s pal was taken into custody around 3 a.m. and booked for assault, strangulation, breach of peace and unlawful restraint. He was released after posting a $10,000 bond and ordered to report in court July 15.

MTV has partnered with 50 to search for the nation’s next street-smart business mogul. The untitled project is among the cabler’s next round of series greenlights.