5 Things You Should Consider When Adding Music to Your Instagram Story

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Are you planning to add music to your Instagram story? Well, that’s a good idea! Research by Brandwatch concludes that over 60% of all Instagram stories play with the sound on.

What does this mean, and how does it affect your story?

Music makes your story fun and engaging — the result, more views, likes, and followers to your page. While this is the case, using your favorite music for your status isn’t easy as you imagine. For copyright reasons, Instagram may remove your story, suspend or ban your account for using protected music.

So, how do you shield yourself from these problems? Well, by using royalty-free music.

Be sure to consider these factors before adding music to your status story.

Audience Interactions

The Instagram algorithm determines the content to appear on a follower’s newsfeed. It considers different factors, including the interactions you get on your stories.

The key to generating these interactions is using music that your customers love, adore, or appreciate. It should also rhyme with your content. Be creative in what you post.

Brand Aesthetic

Instagram helps you to develop your brand. After creating this brand, carry it over to your stories. Why?

You want your followers to differentiate your stories from others on Instagram. Be consistent to a point where followers don’t need to look for your name to identify your content.

Luckily, Instagram offers you a variety of options to brand your stories. For instance, you can use different fonts, stickers, brush, and music options. Using these tools in a consistent matter adds personality to your stories — the result, a uniform brand aesthetic.

Instagram Stories Analytics

An Instagram business profile allows you to view analytics for your stories. This is extremely helpful.

Every time you add music, take your time to review the analytics. Use the analytics to determine what does and doesn’t work. This will help you to develop a fine-tuned strategy that saves you time and effort.

Budget and Schedule

Do you know you can run your story as an advert? The timing and frequency will depend on your budget.

For instance, you can run it on select days or continuously on all days. Before you allocate your budget, take time, and identify your marketing objectives. For example, why are you investing in Instagram stories? Are you looking for sales or more interactions? Who is your target audience?

For example, you want a story that appeals to your target audience. When choosing the music to add to your account, ensure your target audience identifies with it. It should also support your marketing goals.

Music Copyright

The last thing you want is an account limitation for infringing on someone’s copyright. Such an act may lead to suspension of your account. Unless you have permission, stay clear of protected music. If you don’t, it’ll come to haunt you. Instead, use royalty-free music on your Instagram stories.


Do you want to grow your audience and showcase your business or brand? Capitalize on Instagram stories. It’s engaging, creative, allowing you to attract an audience to your firm.


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