5 Signs that You Can Start Your Own Business


As of this year, I have worked for myself for 17 years and I would not have it any other way. In my case, I hated politics and I was too creative for environments where my creativity could not prosper. Being a black man, I also had to deal with racism, jealousy and being put in a box by higher ups as to what my job and my destiny would be.

I knew that I was smarter than every boss I have ever had and being fired from one industry job after being mixed up in massive BS politics I decided to branch out on my own. It made no sense to me to make other people richer while I tried to make ends meet with a meager salary. I have never looked back and I’ve had much greater success working for myself than I could have ever had working for someone else.

Contrary to popular belief starting your own business is not as hard as people think. The first thing they always say is “I need a steady paycheck” and I agree, what they fail to realize is you can triple and quadruple your paycheck if you’re willing to put a little hustle in it and you can eliminate 95% of the stress that goes along with most jobs by getting out of the politics and allowing someone else to control your destiny.

Check out the five tips on each page and see if you are ready or have what it takes. 


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