4th Annual "Celebrating Women of Color in Media" Magazine Targets Success Stories and Corporate Diversity

(Pictured: Nicole George-Middleton from the 2017 Celebrating Women of Color in Media magazine)

4th Annual “Celebrating Women of Color in Media” Magazine – New Logo


Previous Winners Include Sylvia Rhone, Cathy Hughes, April Ryan, Juliette Jones, Felicia D. Henderson, DeDe McGuire, and More…

(New York, NY – July 7, 2019) RADIO FACTS , one of the industry’s leading music industry sites and publications, is gearing up for the production on the much-anticipated 4th annual Celebrating Women of Color in Media magazine. The exciting issue celebrating the achievements of Women of Color in Media will be on everyone’s desk in mid-August, 2019.Women of Color in Media Magazine (WOCIMM) will have eight to 10 honorees this year that will include Women of Color in various positions at various companies. This year we will also spotlight industry companies that create opportunities and embrace diversity for Women of Color. We will revisit a couple of previous winners who continue to make incredible strides in the industry.

New Header Logo for Women of Color in Media Magazine
New Header Logo for Women of Color in Media Magazine
“I’m so glad that we created this timely and stellar magazine when we did four years ago. We created it because we noticed that there were/are no industry companies that acknowledged the contributions of Women of Color in media specifically. Women of Color are and have always made great strides not only at companies in the industry but as representatives in high ranking positions at several major corporations outside of the industry. As they are often spokespersons for those companies, we will also consider honoring some of these Women of Color as “Women of Color in Media” too.” stated Radio Facts CEO Kevin RossPast honorees include spotlights and interviews with Epic Record’s Chairman and CEO, Sylvia Rhone, Atlantic Records EVP of Urban Promotions, Juliette Jones, Radio One founder, Cathy Hughes, and White House Correspondent, April Ryan to name a few.

Which Industry Companies Embrace Diversity?

“This year we will also spotlight a few industry companies that embrace diversity and provide upper management opportunities for People of Color.” Stated Radio Facts CEO Kevin RossWe are seeking writers and would like to provide opportunities for rising young Women of Color in the industry to be a part of this magazine. Please contact Kevin Ross for more info. Include how you would like to contribute. See the entire issue hereAdvertising opportunities still available. For more information, contact [email protected]

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