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4th Annual Celebrating Women of Color in Media Magazine

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Celebrating Women of Color in Media Magazine
BEST EDITION: Successful Women of Color in Media

Who are 2019’s Women of Color in Media?

  • Great impactful leadership qualities.
  • Has great relationships within the media industry, the artists etc.
  • Involved in outside projects and causes.
  • Is innovative in her approach and open to suggestions
  • She Pays it Forward by Sharing her knowledge and opportunities with others
  • Great team player and winning mindset
  • Supportive of industry ventures that pertain to her interests

We are still looking at a few more honorees. Have a suggestion? Send to [email protected]

24 Years Ago – RADIO FACTS broke the rules by speaking up for the Urban industry

Four Years Ago – RADIO FACTS was the first trade to Celebrate Women of Color in Media Exclusively

Three Years Ago: RADIO FACTS created another magazine to celebrate People of Color’s Contributions in the Industry with The Year-End Power Play List Magazine

THIS YEAR: RADIO FACTS breaks another antiquated and constipated industry rule

2019’s Celebrating Women of Color in Media. On Your Desk this August. Ad space still available, contact [email protected]

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