26-Year-Old Man Shoots 13-Year-Old Boy for Breaking into His Car                        


    A 26-year-old man has shot a 13-year-old boy for breaking into his car. According to police, the shooting happened in Bronzeville on Sunday afternoon when the youngster attempted to steal the vehicle.

    According to a Chicago Police Department notification, around 2:35 p.m., the boy was approached by the 26-year-old car owner after he broke into his Kia. The 13-year-old was shot in the leg after the man pulled out his gun and fired the weapon at the child. The man was licensed to carry a concealed weapon. The teenager is being treated at Comer Children’s Hospital.

    The police notification stated that police apprehended the car owner for further questioning.  Both the teen and the 26-year-old had weapons which the police were able to recover.


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