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2112 Is Revolutionizing the Chicago Music Industry and Beyond


After speaking to the confidently humble director, Scott Fetters, I learned that 2112 was created to unite Chicago’s fragmented under one roof while developing businesses at the intersection of music and technology. In just one year, the music tech incubator has added 75 member companies, co-working space, conference rooms, and daily access for members to business mentors, investors, and educational programming. When I asked Scott where did he see 2112 in five years, he simply stated, “We want to grow this beyond Chicago. We want to do this in Miami, London, and anywhere the music scene and tech world should and can merge.”

As I stood within one of the nicely constructed recording studios on the premises, I felt the vision come to life as I watched  investors sip cocktails, members walking around with a sense of pure pride, media in awe of the massiveness and innovation of the facility, and some people actually working and being creative during the party.

As I asked Scott one last question about how he felt in the moment watching this vision come to life, he was almost speechless but obviously honored by what 2112 had become and would become. After attending the party, all I can say is Chicago has a reinvigorated music scene and it is all under one roof. If you don’t know, now you know it’s called 2112.


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