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13 Mistakes Artists Make when Promoting Music


As the owner of , I have dealt with all kinds of clients trying to push their brand to radio. From established major artists to the most independent. Quite often the majors know exactly what they are doing when they promote music to radio but the independents quite often make some extremely costly mistakes. First and foremost they are often not prepared and they trust the wrong people.  Believe it or not this is not always relegated to strangers. Many times, it’s family. The artists brings them into the fold to build his brand but they are not experienced.  Now he’s got a frustrated and a house full of people who know absolutely nothing about the . I believe in giving our clients the most for their money and some of the tips I give to them, I’m sharing with you here so that you can save time and money when your goal is to promote your music to the industry and beyond. Here are some tips on getting the most out of the industry when you are new to it….(click “Next” above or below to see next segment)

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