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RL2_5201 RL2_4932 RL2_479613TH POWER OF URBAN RADIO FORUM OCTOBER 3: AT&T Vice President Jennifer Jones Is Keynote Speaker

Kizart Media Partners, Inc. (KMP, Inc.) hosts its 13th Power of Urban Radio Forum in partnership with the National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters (NABOB) on Thursday, October 3, 2013 at the Westin City Center in Washington, DC.   The 2013 forum brings together senior executives from the country’s leading national advertisers, global media buying activation agencies, including Toyota USA, Choice Hotels International, and Coca Cola, and broadcasters that have significant investments in Urban Radio.  Jennifer Jones, Vice President/Diverse Segments  of AT&T, who oversees African American, Hispanic and Asian Marketing efforts for the corporation, will deliver the keynote address.

“We look forward to hearing from Jennifer Jones  about why the African American consumer market is critically important to AT&T’s success and how Urban Radio is an effective tactic in delivering African American consumers consistently to AT&T,” states urban sales and media expert Sherman K. Kizart, founder and managing director of Kizart Media Partners, Inc. (KMP, Inc.).   Kizart Media Partners, as the intellectual owner of The Power of Urban Radio Forum/Symposium, partners with the National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters  for the delivery of The Forum and the NABOB Fall Conference.

Power of Urban Radio/NABOB National Service Awards will be presented to  FCC Chairwoman Migon Clyburn, American Association of Advertising Agencies (4As) CEO Nancy Hill, and Robert Jackson, Director of African-American Marketing for McDonald’s USA. The National Marketers Panel includes: James Colon, Vice President/Product Communications of Toyota USA; Karla Swinson, Director of Consumer Marketing for Choice Hotels International; and Melissa Mitchell, Director of Multicultural Marketing, Coca Cola.  The Global Media Agency Panel includes: Touraan Chestnut, Partner/Broadcast Advertising Manager, Group M; Natalie Swedstone, Director of National Radio Buying, OMD; Lauren Russo, SVP/Audio Buying, Horizon Media; Helen Giles, Director National Broadcast Buying, Lowe Campbell Ewald; Lisa Allison, SVP/Broadcast Buying, Optimedia.   The Radio CEO/Group Head Panel includes:  Charles Warfield, COO, YMF Media Holdings; Kim Guthrie, EVP/Radio, Cox Media Group;  Kevin Perry, COO, Perry Broadcasting.

Deborah Parenti EVP/Radio Ink, Annette Malve,VP/RAB, and Clara Carneiro VP/Nielsen Audio will serve as moderators for the panel discussions.  Co-chairmen for the forum are Chris Wegmann, Regional Vice President & Market Manager for Radio One, Jim Watkins, Vice President & General Manager for WHUR and Steve Swenson, Senior Vice President & Market Manager for CBS Radio.


As the premier multicultural marketing and media forum, The Power of Urban Radio Forum represents the best in class of bringing together the country’s leading marketers, media agencies, and broadcasters to discuss best practices in targeting the $1 trillion African American consumer market and clearly defining why Urban Radio is the best tactic to deliver the much coveted African American consumer market.  Registration information for the 13th Power Of Urban Radio Forum  can be found at www.nabob.org, or call 202-463-8970. Contact Sherman Kizart at 312-421-4803, [email protected].


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