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12 Singers/Rappers that PROBABLY would be GREAT Radio DJs


We are all familiar with radio and station announcers or DJs but what celebrities have what it takes to be DJs? To be honest it’s hard to tell because once the mic is open you never know what you are going to get. These people may be naturals or they may never want to be on the air again, who knows? From our perspective by their personalities and previous radio interviews here are a few rappers and singers who would probably be great radio DJs. Click “Next” to see the next celebrity above or below.

Robin Thicke

Great personality, very laid back and knows how to captivate an audience. He would do very well on an Urban, Rhythmic or CHR (Pop) station in mornings in a major market.




Queen Latifah

Very personable, adapts well to any audience engaging great charisma, very likable, great voice and tones. Midday show



A bit caught between being a rapper and his upbringing in Canada. Great voice. If he can find a more comfortable middle, he would be good at mornings or afternoon drive in a major market.



Out of the box thinker and unpredictable she may need to be managed so that she doesn’t have TOO much fun but she’s got great energy and a good voice. She would give a program director diarrhea but with great ratings.



Heavy southern dialect coupled with intelligent and a laid back sense of humor… great tones and modulation. Personable, easy to relate to. With a boost in energy would be able to work on his own after some direction in afternoon drive


Jay Z

Funny, intelligent, inspirational and wise with an edge that indicates where he’s been. Good temperament and even-keeled. He would be a very successful DJ who would be like Steve Harvey (syndication). He would not do well with a Program Director and would be best if he was allowed free reign to be himself. He would do best with a show that allows him to talk and play music equally and interact with celebrity friends.


Jennifer Hudson

There is something very likable about Jennifer Hudson and she has beat the odds in the public eye more than once. Not a winner on American Idol but the only Oscar Winner from the show, the tragedy of her mother, brother and nephew and her remarkable weight loss would generate an instant connection wtih black female listeners especially. Middays or evenings.


John Legend

John would be an excellent talk show host. He doesn’t need music. He’s extremely intelligent and has made some interesting thought-provoking ideas and comments. More politically savvy than anyone on the list he would appeal to the intellectual listener. Great general market edge that would make him interesting to more than just black listeners.



Imagine Sade hosting a REAL smooth jazz mix during the middays or evenings. We think she would be so good she would only need to do one day.. something like The Sunday REAL Jazz Brunch with Sade. I emphasize “real” because most jazz shows suck except the ones online.


Bow Wow

Great annunciation, diction and ability to connect with the audience. He could very easily do a morning or afternoon drive show on a major market station with the same personality from 106 and Park.


Toni Braxton

Toni has the distinction of having a great voice with looks that match which would make her an anomaly as a radio DJ (lol, OK there are some great looking DJs in radio) has a very laid back and relaxed smooth tone that would work well in the midday shift. She has all the qualities to do a great radio show mentioned in previous entries.




Yep you read that right. After watching his interview with Dr. Phil, I am convinced that dmx would be an EXCELLENT radio dj with some direction. He’s got a great sense of humor, he’s intelligent and he’s more human than Hollywood. We think he would make an immediate connection with black teens which urban stations are in dire need of right now (outside of just music).



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