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10 Underrated Black Singers Who Should have Been Bigger Stars…

Underrated Black Singers Who Should’ve Been Bigger Stars

This list is never-ending especially for those of us who work in the industry. We’ve seen the best of them come and go. The reasons they were not bigger can be many things but for the most part,  most of them came along when there was bad timing, like other big stars on their label or in the industry that had more backing. We would have to ask them what they thought the reason was. In my experiences, most have said they didn’t feel the label was really behind them. See who the first 10 stars are, do you agree if not or if you do make a comment. Up first


Underrated Black Singers: Memphis Tennessee’s Wendy Moten has an amazing voice.

Moten sang in church choirs as a child. She got her first break singing with Michael Bolton at a benefit concert; after signing with EMI, she released an album and opened for Bolton on tour. Her biggest hit was “Come In Out of the Rain”, which, although only a minor hit on the Billboard Hot 100, was a #5 adult contemporary hit, and a #8 hit in the UK Singles Chart.

In 2006, she sang backup vocals on the Soul2Soul II Tour and also with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. While Wendy stays busy even today, the issue with her was timing.

She made her splash during Whitney Houston’s finest hour with Mariah Carey climbing the charts at the same time. Moten had stellar vocals and was often compared to Whitney but had she come around a few years later or a few years before she did things may have worked out differently I’ve met Wendy back in the day at some of the music industry conferences. Very nice lady. See her video for Come in Out of the Rain then click Next below…

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