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10 Reasons the 70s Black Music is the Absolute BEST Decade

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Radio Facts:

The 70s was a revolutionary period for black people in pride and music. We made undeniable fashion statements and black music addressed the issues of racism and war (Marvin Gaye), black pride (James Brown) and love for ourselves and our community (Earth Wind & Fire). In addition, some of the BEST love songs were made in the 70s that are still played on the air at many radio stations today. Here are 10 reason's why 70s music won't die. Click Next above or below to see the Next Segment

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  1. First of all, a lot of what you had mentioned about what made Black music great in the 1970’s STARTED in the 1960′ – even the 1950’s – , from the songs mentioned to the artists. Also, the best singers and groups were in the ’70’s??? Talk about throwing Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Jerry Butler, Sam & Dave, Aretha Franklin and much of Motown, Stax and other folks under a huge eighteen-wheeler. Speaking of Stax, while it was white-owned in the 1960’s, by 1970 co-founder Estelle Axton sold her 50% ownership stake to the label’s black VP, Al Bell, who was then promoted to president and was in complete control of the company – which resulted in the label having more Top 10 chartbusters in the 1970’s than they had in the prior decade. And yes, Gamble & Huff were in charge of PIR but the label was financed and OWNED by CBS via Columbia Records (thank you, Clive Davis, for THAT arrangement). Finally, the marriage of labels, radio, retail and let’s not forget television, began and flourished in the 1960’s. I could go on but will stop here.


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