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10 Indredibly Easy Ways to Eliminate Stress

It’s really interesting what you hear people under 50 talking about what life is about as if they have the answers and when you’re younger you actually can accept what they say to have some merit to it. But when you get in your fifties you come to understand that you really don’t know much about life at all until you hit 50 because at that point everything is pretty much summarized.

One of the greatest things about being your 50s is that you understand things that make can make or break you much better than you ever have. Stress is very important to eliminate and time is a very valuable asset when you get in your 50s. we’re already overwhelmed by the day’s events especially if we’re still working and the last thing we need is to carry extra weight when it comes from other things or other people. There are certain ways you can eliminate stress first and foremost by admitting that you have to take care of yourself and then not being afraid to say no or to readily respond to things that cause you problems. (click “Next” Below the post to see the next way to eliminate stress)

Pay attention to YOUR feelings.

If a thermometer lets us know what the weather is like outside our feelings let us know what the weather is like INSIDE ourselves. We’ve gone decades ignoring how we feel about certain things but you always get that feeling. Some call it intuition, some call it gut some call it a premonition, some even call it their Spirit but at the end of the day you know when something doesn’t feel right. PAY ATTENTION TO IT.  Your body, your mind,  your soul and your spirit is trying to tell you something. If you ignore it chances are you going to regret it pay attention to how you feel next


Meditation is one of the most powerful ways to eliminate stress and probably the number one way whenever you’re you’ve got something really heavy on your mind are you really stressed out try meditation and you will be amazed at how it will clear your mind even in the middle of the night if you got something heavy on your mind you can’t sleep meditate on your bed and or at the edge of your bed and you’ll be blown away how you won’t be thinking about that issue anymore your mind is racing and it’s jumping all over the place and meditation calms your mind down and allows you to be at peace when you truly experience peace of mind which many of us don’t you’ll never stop meditating try it you’ll like it

Be Unavailable to Needy People

There are those times when you can help people out, from time to time, but not ALL TH TIME. You never want to create a situation where you loan your soul out on a regular basis for people to hijack. There are some people that you can express the problem to and others who will take a break and keep at it. Just about every device out there right now has a block. Don’t be afraid to use it in order to keep your peace of mind. You cannot save the world, especially when you die from stress and no longer have the ability to do so.

Be Unavailable to Negative People

This is a REAL drainer after you get done being around them you damn near have to take a nap from the exhaustion. Some people refuse to grow, refuse to learn and refuse to better themselves

Do Something Special for Yourself each Week

Nobody needs to know what it is but it should be something you enjoy and that won’t take a toll on you. Eating a cheeseburger at 5 Guys Burgers and Fries is probably NOT the best idea but think of something that you like to do and do it once a week if possible.

Do Something you Liked to do as a Kid

Perhaps you liked to dance, play sports or sketch. You would be amazed at how doing those things again will eliminate a great deal of stress. Of course, as we get older there are some things we can’t do (as well) but if you can’t play sports, you could coach

Join a gym CLASS, not just the Gym

Joining a gym is bad advice, most people get the membership then say the hell with it after 2 visits which the gym chains LOVE, they have the added space in the gym to get someone else’s money each month. Sign up but check out their CLASSES. Many offer everything from aerobics to Zomba to Yoga.

Take a Cooking Class

Talk about a stress buster. Even better take a vegetarian cooking class. There are not many obligations you can get it done in one visit.

Practice Yoga

This is a MASTER stress buster… don’t worry about it if you are out of shape. Gym memberships are good when they include Yoga because you can slowly do a little each time until you can take an entire class. If you don’t feel like it you can work out in other ways instead of just leaving. Yoga is also a form of meditation that not only helps you to be more flexible, it relaxes your mind.

Meditate Each Day

Many people SWEAR by it including me. 5 minutes in the morning of total quiet time asking the universe what you want out of the day. You would be AMAZED at how well meditation works when you stick with it for a couple of weeks.

Watch Your Diet

The American diet is horrific. WAY too many process foods, fats, and sugars that destroy our health. Ironically, scientists have even found clogged arteries in mummies. This would indicate meat is a HUGE culprit.  It’s hard to break away from home-cooked soul food EVERY NOW AND THEN at the most once a week if you eat healthy all week long. A bad diet will not only destroy your physical health, it destroys your mental health too. Depression is linked to the massive mood swings people experience when they eat sugar and sugar is in almost EVERYTHING that is processed or that the body CAN’T process like carbs, corn, and liquor. Also, keep in mind these foods are often addictive.

Don’t Keep Company with People You don’t trust

Isn’t it amazing how your gut will let you know when you are in the company of demons? It’s almost better to deal with needy people or negative people than to deal with someone who can’t be trusted. Throw them out like last week’s garbage they will take a toll on you with their toxic presence. (BTW, the guy who played Chuckie in all the movies was my neighbor in LA)

Hire a PT Personal Assistant if you Feel overwhelmed

There are many services that you can use even online virtual assistants in another city to make calls for you, do research, return calls, get info, etc. Even if they are virtual (for cheaper) use sites like Fiverr and Upwork. Be careful of people lying about their skills and make sure you test them first. It’s better to be out of $20.00 then to screw up production in the middle of it.

Speak Your Mind when Able

You know how someone says something you don’t like you and you can feel it? Respond when you get that feeling if possible with what’s on your mind because carrying that moment around with you, concerning how you SHOULD have responded is stressful. You don’t have to discuss with a friend how someone else pissed you off. End it where it began.

Take Yourself out to a nice Dinner and a Movie

There was a time when I felt sorry for people who did this. Now I get it. There are times when you need to escape family, relationships, friends, work, kids everything. Taking yourself out to a nice dinner or lunch with your favorite magazine while being served is almost as great as getting a massage. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. YOUR needs are being taken care of and all you have to do it sit there. if you have not tried it, do yourself a favor and do it.

Mentor a Younger Person

One of my greatest disappointments during my career is that there were no mentors for me. Not one single older black man in the entire industry helped me in my career. Not one. They were all too selfish and greedy and I know a slew of other black industry men who say the same thing. Thank God there were white men and women who showed the interest in me, that doesn’t mean I didn’t experience racism in the industry but these people who took me under their wing were great people because they taught me to diversify my industry career in order to always have a job and they taught me how to be an entrepreneur but I can’t help but to think how unfortunate it is that black people were not available which is why I make sure I’m available for younger people getting into the industry. Outside of that, mentoring is also a great stress buster. Knowing that you are helping a younger person avoid the pitfalls that you fell into headfirst is extremely gratifying.

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